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The Ashland Borough provides a number of municipal services and activities that contribute to the quality of life in Ashland. Please explore our site to learn more about our town, its services and the people who have dedicated themselves toward making Ashland an increasingly more pleasant place to live and work.

News and Announcements


Ordinance Directory

The Ordinance Directory is now active but limited. More to come.

 Street Sweeping

The street sweeper will begin for the summer and fall months on May 2nd

The complete schedule can be found here STREETS

Annual Water Consumer Confidence Report

The Ashland Area Municipal Authority’s Annual Water Consumer Confidence Report is available for download.

Download the 2015 Drinking Water Quality Report


NEW – starting JANUARY 2016

At the council meeting held on November 12, 2015, Borough Council voted to eliminate the annual clean up week. In place of clean up week, each household will be eligible for 2 hopper pick-ups per year.


  • Your Borough Utility Bills must be paid in full.
  • Residents must call the Borough Hall at (570)875-2411 to register for pickup.
  • Household trash is not permitted for hopper pick-ups. Household trash will be collected by either the purchase of borough bags or permits.
  • Any recyclable materials such as plastic, cardboard, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles are not permitted. They should be recycled at the County Recycling Center located at the sewage treatment plant or disposed of with your household trash.
  • 2 Hoppers may be either separate or combined. There are no partial hoppers. Additional hoppers may be purchased anytime for a charge of $30

The Following Materials Will Not Be Accepted:


Household Trash

Automotive Parts

Recyclable waste (soda cans, plastic, etc.)

Construction Materials (plaster, shingles, cement, etc.)

Yard Waste (can be taken to Sewage Plant)


Mercury/Hazardous Materials

Consumer Electronics Equipment (TV, Computers, etc.)

Hazardous Waste (paint, batteries, pesticides etc.)


Part-Time Police Officers

Applications are being accepted for the position of part-time Police Officer for the Borough of Ashland Application forms may be obtained at the Ashland Borough Office. 401 South 18th Street, Ashland, PA Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm