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The Ashland Borough provides a number of municipal services and activities that contribute to the quality of life in Ashland. Please explore our site to learn more about our town, its services and the people who have dedicated themselves toward making Ashland an increasingly more pleasant place to live and work.

News and Announcements

Annual Water Consumer Confidence Report

The Ashland Area Municipal Authority’s Annual Water Consumer Confidence Report is available for download. We will be delivering a printed copy to customers within the next few weeks.

Download the 2014 Drinking Water Quality Report


Street Sweeping

The street sweeper normally runs on the first full week of the month from May through October and follows the schedule below:

June 1st – 5th

July 6th – 10th

August 3rd – 7th

September 7th -11th

October 5th – 9th

 View the 2015 Street Sweeper Schedule


Quality of Life

On April 8, 2015, Ordinance 633, Quality of Life Ordinance was adopted by Ashland Borough Council.


An ordinance adopting the quality of life and regulations of maintenance of properties, littering, improper storage of trash and rubbish, storage of inoperable/non-registered vehicles, vendor operations without permits, and accumulation of snow and ice that contribute to the deterioration of property values and general disorder in a community; providing for a ticketing process and setting penalties for violations, and establishing a ticket process in the Borough of Ashland.

The quality of life and community pride of the citizens of the Borough are negatively impacted by the occurrences and existence of these activities. Recognizing these are community problems, the purpose of this Ordinance is to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the Borough by helping to create a clean environment for the citizens of the Borough.

Residents and Property Owners are encouraged to download using the link below and read the information pertaining to this ordinance.


Landlords and Rental Property Owners

 .On February 12, 2014, Ordinance No. 627, Rental Property Ordinance was adopted by Ashland Borough Council. Rental Property Owners/Landlords are encouraged to download below and read the information pertaining to this ordinance.

  Download the Rental Ordinance

Download the Rental Property Registration Form