Water Authority


Francis Menne – Chairman
Dale Kyler – Vice Chairman
William Kripplebauer – Secretary
Jerome Schmoltze – Treasurer
 Lawrence Madden – Asst. Secretary
Patricia Moyer – Asst. Treasurer
Attorney S. John Price – Solicitor
Engineering by: Alfred Benesch & Company

Ashland maintains 110 million gallon reservoir along with two back up wells. This water is used for residential, industrial, commercial and fire protection purposes. The residential rates for water service are as follows:

$45.00/quarter – Basic Fee
$6.25/thousand – Usage Fee


Water Conservation 

We ask that everyone do their part by conserving water. Check your homes regularly for leaks. Every water meter has a small red triangle that serves as a leak detector. Make sure all water is turned off in your home and then look at your triangle. If this triangle is spinning, water is being used in your home. Water is a finite resource. Using water efficiently will help ensure a reliable water supply today and for future generations.

Below are some water conservation links:

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