We encourage all residents to recycle. Ashland’s recycling site is managed by the Schuylkill Office of Solid Waste and Resource Management. The drop off site for recycling is conveniently located by the Ashland Sewage Plant, 400 Oak St. (MAP)

Our Recycling site accepts:

PLASTICS – #1 PET Plastic Food and Beverage Bottles; #2 HDPE Plastic Milk & Cider Jugs; Spring Water & Detergent Jugs

GLASS – Clear, Green & Brown Glass Food, Beverage & Liquor Containers

METALS – Aluminum, Steel & Bi-metal Food & Beverage Cans

PAPER/ CARDBOARD – Newsprint, Phone Books, Magazines, Catalogs, Office Paper, Junk Mail, Boxes & Paperboard (flattened)

Each bin is clearly labeled. All materials need to be placed in the appropriate bin. There is NO reason to leave unacceptable materials in the bins or on the ground at the sites! This Site is under camera surveillance. Violators will be cited.

Electronics Recycling recommendations from the Schuylkill County Office of Solid Waste  >> Download Here