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Parks and Recreation - The Borough has four community parks. They are the Eureka, Willow, Higher-Ups, and Oakland. The Borough, along with the Recreation Board work to maintain and improve these parks. Please enjoy our parks and facilities.


Parking Meter Permits - Permits are available to residents who own property and reside in the meter district at a cost of $8.00/month or $50.00/year. Permits for people who reside in the meter district but do not own property are $8.00/month or $80.00/year. Additionally, individuals who do not reside in the meter district may purchase permits for side street parking only for $8.00/month.


Water - Ashland maintains 110 million gallon reservoir along with two back up wells. This water is used for residential, industrial, commercial and fire protection purposes. The residential rates for water service are as follows:

$45.00/quarter – Basic Fee.
$6.25/thousand – Usage Fee.

We ask that everyone do their part by conserving water. Check your homes regularly for leaks. Every water meter has a small red triangle that serves as a leak detector. Make sure all water is turned off in your home and then look at your triangle. If this triangle is spinning, water is being used in your home.


Sewer - Ashland maintains a wastewater treatment plant and collection system. Bills are submitted quarterly and are included with the water bill. Residential rates for the wastewater are $85.00/quarter


Recycling - We encourage all residents to recycle. Ashland’s recycling site is managed by the Schuylkill Office of Solid Waste and Resource Management. The drop off site for recycling is conveniently located by the Ashland Sewage Plant, 400 Oak St. (MAP)

Our Recycling site accepts:

PLASTICS: #1 PET Plastic Food and Beverage Bottles; #2 HDPE Plastic Milk & Cider Jugs; Spring Water & Detergent Jugs

GLASS: Clear, Green & Brown Glass Food, Beverage & Liquor Containers

METALS: Aluminum, Steel & Bi-metal Food & Beverage Cans

PAPER/CARDBOARD: Newsprint, Phone Books, Magazines, Catalogues, Office Paper, Junk Mail, Boxes & Paperboard (flattened)

Each bin is clearly labeled. All materials need to be placed in the appropriate bin. There is NO reason to leave unacceptable materials in the bins or on the ground at the sites! This Site is under camera surveillance. Violators will be cited.

Street Sweeper - The street sweeper normally runs from May through October and follows the schedule below:

Monday – Both Sides of all even numbered side streets and front streets. No parking 6am to 10am.

Tuesday – Both sides of all odd numbered side streets and Hoffman Blvd. No parking 6am to 10am.

Wednesday – North side of Race, Market, Centre, Walnut and Pine. South side of Arch, Chestnut, Middle, Spruce, Brock and Oakland Ave. No parking 5am to 9am.

Thursday – South side of Race, Market, Centre, Walnut and Pine. North side of Arch, Chestnut, Middle, Spruce, Brock and Oakland Ave. No parking 5am to 9am.


Trash -Trash bags are sold in packs of ten for $25.00 and can be purchased at Borough Hall and the Ashland Tax Office at 938 Centre St. Trash Permit – This permits the property owner to have up to five-thirty gallon bags per week at a cost of $110.00/six months  or $210.00/year. Trash pick-up schedule -

Tuesday – All streets 29th and including 15th St.
Wednesday – All streets 14th through and including 7th St.
Thursday – All streets 6th through and including Oakland

Holiday Pick Up – A holiday that falls on a Tuesday will result in trash pickup being one day late. Holidays on a Wednesday or Thursday will result in trash being picked up one day early. Monday and Friday holidays will not affect the trash pick-up schedule. Yard Waste – Yard waste can be placed in clear bags or open containers to be picked up by the Borough. This includes leaves.

Bulk Pickup – Residents can contact Borough Hall to arrange for a pickup. The fee is $25.00 to fill the garbage truck hopper, payable at Borough Hall when ordering. This is not to be used for household waste.

Ashes – Residential ash pickup will be every other Friday starting April 22nd, 2011.

Annual clean-up week – to be announced