Hometown Hero Banner Program

Ashland Borough in cooperation with the Ashland Downtown Inc. American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Auxiliary, Ashland Chamber of Commerce and the Ashland Area Rotary will be hosting a Hometown Hero Banner Program.

The first round of the Ashland Area Hometown Heroes Project was a wonderful success.  We have several people questioning if we are going to do the project again. We have decided to continue this project with a few changes.  We can no longer offer the banner at cost so there will be a small increase.  The banners will now be $230.00/per banner.  A letter and application can be picked up at the Ashland Public Library, 1229 Centre Street.

The deadline for this 2nd round will be June 30, 2017.

Below are some examples of our banners, as you can see we can have up to four people on a banner.



Each individual banner will be unique and honor a specific soldier including their picture, branch of service and era of service. There is space for banners on street lights on Walnut Street.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a banner or making a donation, Click Here to download an application.

Applications may also be picked up at the following location:

Ashland Public Library, 1229 Centre Street, Ashland PA